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Filling Pieces A/W 2016 collection

07 jul Filling Pieces A/W 2016 collection

´´The Filling Pieces Autumn/Winter 2016 collection is named Srefidensi //
Independence referring to the South American country of Surinam, native soil of
FP founder Guillaume Philibert. Filling Pieces came a long way to reach true
independence. Where in the early days the brand was limited to use the luxury
standard cup soles and access limited suppliers and materials, the brand has
organically grown into a global independent brand.

Today we are at a point where we are truly free to create and express. Our AW16
collection reflects this state of freedom in our most progressive and daring
collection yet. A staggering 450 styles containing 14 new silhouettes and 3
custom Filling Pieces sole innovations. The AW16 collection is a tactile translation

of this exciting time frame where Filling Pieces has grown free to create without

In Iceland we’ve found the perfect backdrops of volcanic rock formations, vast
arctic desert landscapes and rough cliffs that brought the concept of
independence to life in a winter mood. Emerging photography talent Lotte van
Raalte, known for portraying realness in various cultures, individuals and
landscapes, turned out a perfect fit to depict our vision on independence.
Emotional expressions as captured on model Jo Molenaar and new face Omari
Phipps illustrate freedom to be and feel as you are. Free to create, to feel and to

The result is a visual Filling Pieces journey featuring liberal contemporary
footwear design and independence vibes.

Gradually, each season, we’re replacing the standard cup soles as used in luxury
sneakers with custom Filling Pieces soles made from the finest quality vulcanised
rubber. In drop 1, two new custom Filling Pieces soles are introduced, named
Thick Ripple and Astro. With an interplay of strong lines, slightly lowered front and
elevated heel, the FP Astro sole is a blend of athletic and luxury influences. The
Thick Ripple adds a masculine, raw, outdoor feel to our signature Low Top


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